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     The truth is we’ve always been interested in design and being creative, we just never really had the guts to start our own business. We have 3 sons and as they started to grow older we realized we need to practice what we preach. If you have a dream or goal to go for it, that’s what we would want our boys to do, so we took the leap. So it essentially started in the fall of 2005, we were in our early 30’s and had three boys (8, 5, and 2 at the time) and we purchased an older house that was built in the 1950’s. It was an old long gray wooden house that had nothing on our MUST have list, well except a killer huge yard. Yes it needed tons of work but we had plenty of sweat and tears to give making it our home. Spending the next decade renovating, painting, replacing full plumbing and electrical, tiling, forming concrete countertops, and even building an addition. You name it we did it all ourselves and we’re still not done. We were young, eager, fearless, and blissfully happy to walk our own path, although a lot of things were tested along the way and it had many moments of what the heck were we thinking?!

     Furnishing our home came next. Everything we loved seemed so darn expensive! So we quickly learned how to do almost everything ourselves. It became very addicting and super satisfying. Anything we couldn’t build we’d buy, second hand most times, then fix and\or paint\spice\flavor up as needed to our liking. Upcycling furniture for our own needs was at first a necessity, then a hobby and now a lifestyle. Our first handmade piece is our kitchen island built from the original wood of our house. It’s a character piece, it’s simple, and it’s one of a kind. Built from 50+ year old wood from our own home after another room renovation, that’s just really cool. Since we were building or renovating\painting\fixing pieces for ourselves the quality of the project was always a primary focus. Continuing this focus on all the work we do. For example our painting method during upcycling is to sand, primer, paint, protective coat. We specialize in Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency furniture. Our style is eclectic and we enjoy using bold colors and prints. We are very influenced by our roots, embracing the Palm Beach, Florida vibe.

     The value in this business is creating relationships. When we say we love seeing other people’s work we truly mean it. We support and applaud all individuality, whether it’s another business or a person doing their first piece, tag us #cmbworlddesigns on Facebook or Instagram @cmbworlddesigns and share it!

We hope you enjoy our pieces and visit us often.

Thank you and be unique!

CMB World Designs
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